Sunday, December 2, 2012

BDJ BOX- November

I am so excited about this package because first it's from belle de jour, the creators of BDJ power planner. And since I decided I won't purchase their planner for 2013, I settled for subscribing to their beauty box called BDJ Box. I believe there are other companies that share the same propaganda as BDJ here in the PH but I am satisfied right now with their box. 

The shipping time was reasonable enough. Took only 3 days from their shipment. They also notified me when they will ship out my item which is a plus for me. That only means that the whole BDJ team has a concern with their clients and I think they are doing a great job considering they are just new with this kind of agenda. 

For this months products, I received 7-8 beauty products. All are skin care. The items looks promising. I am really really excited for each one. 

I made a video (because I was.. ahem... EXCITED!) showing all the products. I might do a review after I empty all of them :)

caution: I said "or something" too often lol

Over all I am very happy I subscribe to them. Just thinking about subscribing to their December box makes me pumped up :)

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