Monday, August 26, 2013

My week #34

If you guys haven't heard, the Philippines was hit by a typhoon (named Maring) and causing alot of damage within Metro Manila. I was stranded at my boyfriends hometown and couldn't get home because there were flood everywhere. Even on the highway! No buses are available. The MRT was suspended. So there is no way for me to get back home. 

I left my agenda and all stuff relating to it at home so I couldn't play with it :( I survived without it but I really did missed my planner lol!

Finally I get to go home by Thursday. But on the way home I couldn't help myself but stop by at the mall and look for stationery stuff arggh! Then I filmed a couple of videos (subscribe if you will lol!). wrote a new post on here and painted my nails. And those were the only things I did for this week lol! I know so productive right?!

Here is my video showing my next week's pages and this week's pages :)

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