Monday, April 29, 2013

my week #17

This is a sudden move on my planner this week. I just woke up one morning last week and I am finding myself arranging some pages from my high school planner to my recent one. But then when I went to the bookstore I saw this really pretty and simple planner that caught my eye and I just bought it without thinking. When I went home I just customized everything which is the most exciting part of all.

Anyway, it has been just a very boring day during the weekdays. I had to do alot of cleaning especially on my bathroom that I had to do a major re-organization with. But came Saturday, I was very fortunate enough to be a part of a big event on our church. It was the inauguration of our new church building. And we are so grateful because it was a success. According to our pastor, they heard a very good feedback from our guests. Then after the inauguration we had to clean everything from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor which was fun because all of us, my churchmates and I cooperated with. And then we had a fellowship at 7 pm with our churchmates from Korea who visited and attended the inauguration. It was really an amazing day for all of us. It was all laughter and cheers which is wonderful because we can feel God's presence in each of us that day :)

one of my favorite photo that day with one of our beloved Korean brother :)
Aside from that, two special occasions also passed ;ast week that I didn't get to celebrate :( my 4th year spiritual birthday and my and boyfriend's 37th monthsary. But oh well atleast I get to attend the inauguration of our church which was the most important event that week.

I moved!

After watching so many videos and reading blogs about people's filofaxes that made me drool over how  pretty they customized their pages by the way, I finally gave in! But how I wish it was a filofax. Since I could not purchase a Filofax right now and could not afford in buying one, I opted to settle with a cheap local binder organizer that is a local brand which sadly I do not know what brand is because it does not say on the planner when I bought it.

I got my new planner for only 300 pesos or less than 8 dollars. Really cheap huh?  My plan is to buy a Filofax around October or November just so the inserts that will come with it will be the 2014 ones. Just in time for next year. But I could not wait anymore. I had a very very old planner that I own back in high school that I did not get to use that much. So after endless times of thinking to whether I should use it or not, I finally decided to try it. Atleast the inserts it came with.

I like how sophisticated this looks because of it's color and simplicity. For me, it does not even look like it's  a cheap planner. 
I fell in love with all the pockets made inside this planner. The reason why I decided to buy it.
I do not use the pen loop. It's not elastic but it can hold my fat frixion pen.  
it has one large pocket at the back which now carries one of my boyfriend's letter to me lol!
 These are the inserts that it came with.

Personal Information sheet that I don't plan on filling up.
2012 year at a glance plus 3 more years ahead.

all these miscellaneous pages like international/national dialing, international sizes, metric conversions, etc. etc. 
how unique are the directory pages are?
The only throwback about this planner is that it does not come with any monthly nor weekly pages. It only comes with a bunch of note pad type of pages that you can use as you diary pages.

So what I use for my monthly and diary section are these undated inserts that came with my very old planner. And can you believe that these pages are already 13 years old? And since I did not use them back in high school I guess their time is to serve me on this time lol!

The inserts are undated. And I am starting to like it because I can really customize it for my liking.
month on two pages
week on two pages. I am glad that the days are printed. It is sectioned on for areas. the day/date/extra space section, a section for the time of your appointment which annoys me so much but I think I can deal with. The schedule section and the tick boxes.
Overall, I am inlove with my planner. I enjoy setting it up. I can't stop opening, closing and looking at my pages lol! I am super happy I made the choice to move. Although I am still going to use my other planner for different purpose now. Anyway, I am still crossing my finger that before this year ends, I can get my hands on one filofax no matter what type or model it is :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summer 2013: Cebu Trip

For the entire Holy Week, I went to Cebu with my boyfriend and his family for a 4 days vacation. We flew in Thursday morning and went back home on Sunday evening. We stayed at their relatives house on our first day then went on the the resort that we were booked at the following day and where we spent most of our vacation.

I don't have much pictures with me because most of the pictures where captured at Rain's phone and he has not uploaded it yet on his facebook so I can download them. However, below are just few of the pictures I have taken on my phone.

Day 1:  Sto. Nino Church and Magellan's Cross.

There was a station of the cross being explained through a mass. I can't really say much about this because I am a christian and we do have different opinion so....

At the back of the church is where Magellan's cross being stand. 

Did you know that it was not really the original cross that Magellan stabbed on the ground when they arrived here. According to the caption, the cross in Cebu was just the case where the original cross being housed on. All along I thought it was the original one lol! But oh well....

Day 2: Pado Beach Resort

This resort is like paradise!

It's a small resort in Lapu-Lapu City but the view is so amazing! The water is crystal clear. Their activities includes jetski, diving, island hopping, etc. etc. The staff are very friendly too. And the ambiance is very solemn and relaxing. The price is very affordable. I mean the cottage we stayed on have 2 bedrooms each with air condition system. There were 2 double size beds and 2 single ones. I mean 10 people can actually accommodate that cottage. And for a price of only 2,300 pesos!

The only thing is that, there is no shore in this resort. They built a stair going down on the shoreline but don't get too far or else you'll drown because the water on this area is very steep. But I find it unique though. My first time to experience a shore-less resort lol!
Day 3: Pado Beach Resort (still)

This is by far the best day in our trip. The highlight.....: DIVING!

Warning: Photo Bomb!

Honestly, I feel like a Power Ranger in this suit lol!

Jetskiing under water! oh yeah!
my favorite part. feeding all these fishes!

This was only a dream before. Since I don't know how to swim, I really don't like going to deep waters. But! since Rain is going, I decided to come along with him and make my dream come true! We both were really ecstatic! It was our first time to do diving and we had a blast!!!! We both want to do it again haha! It was really an amazing experience :D

Day 4: Last day- Ayala Center, Lapu-Lapu- Shrine

all 5 of us. 

Rain bought this bracelets. the black ones are his and the pink ones are mine :)
We had a short tour on our last day. We went to Ayala mall for buying of "pasalubong". And to buy the famous baby back ribs at Casa Verde. Then we had a snack at Ice Castle. Their Halo-Halo is so delish! Then we went straight at Lapu-Lapu Shrine.

I really enjoyed this trip. The adventures we had are just awesome! Though me and Rain had our moment (meaning argument!) but we resolved it after awhile and just laugh it all off. I can blab about everything but let the pictures do the talking anyway... whew! this post is quite long! I am really tired so good night everyone! :)

My Week #13

I keep on passing up my weeks. Argghh! I don't know why I have been lazy with blogging!

Anyways, my week is a bit blunt to look at. I went on vacation with my boyfriend and his parents for 4 days during the whole holy week so I don't really have time to plan or anything. And another thing was it was also our 3 years anniversary on the 27th. We didn't get to celebrate though because he had to go to his orientation for his clerkship in med school. And I have to travel to their hometown which is 2 hours away from where I live. Then I have to accompany her sister at the mall to buy things for our trip. Because our flight was on th 28th.

So that was my week. Hope I get to continue on with blogging again this month and the next month to come.