Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My week #38

This week is all about last minute preparation for my new job. My boss asked me to process the license to operate the laboratory that I will be working on. It was such a big task to carry because I was handling all the documents relating to the licensing. I assumed it was a one day (Sept. 19) process but it turned out that I lack few necessary requirements so I had to go back again the next day (Sept. 20) to complete everything.

And then it was also my boyfriends birthday on the 20th. I was a little depressed that day because I don't get to be with my him on his special day. :(

I also done with reading "The Happiness Project" and did you know what I found out?....

Gretchen Rubin uses a Filofax!!!!
My heart jumped when I learned she was using on. I was more than motivated to use my Filofax now ^.^

So how was your week guys?!

Monday, September 2, 2013

My Week #35

 I have been quite a busy bee this week. On my previous post I have shared that I have been RAK'd by three amazing people. So I ended up filming quite few videos and tried my hardest to upload it immediately.

But before that, I met up with my High School girlfriends on Monday because one of our friend arrived from Dubai and she wanted to see us. She treated us at Gilligan's and Dairy Queen. Then gave each 5 of us a ring as a souvenir from Dubai.

Then come Tuesday, it was the 41st monthsary of my boyfriend and I. Of course as usual we didn't get to see each other because he has a duty at the hospital. :(

I received then a claim stub on Wednesday for the first parcel I received which was from Ali. Then on Thursday I went to the post office to claim it.

Friday, Love's package came. And it was delivered to our house this time. 

It is such a great opportunity and I am so honored that I get to meet these girls. It is not about the things that they have given me but the friendship and the acceptance that they  have given to a stranger like me. I can proudly say that I am really lucky and blessed that God had lead me to meet them. 

Anyway, without further ado.... I now present to you my new FILOFAXes!

I can never forget this week...

 How was your week everyone?

I got RAK'd

Hi guys!

So...... I have a super exciting post today....

Last week, I received two RAKs from 3 most wonderful, sweet, thoughtful and amazing (I can't describe them enough! they are the best!) people I have ever met online.

Read on guys and see what exciting goodies they got from me...

I received this first goodies from Alisha and her mom.It all started out as Alisha messaged me on Youtube two months ago telling me that they wanted to send me something. And so from then on we have been friends and treated each other like sisters. And her mom is super nice also. 

This second goodies was sent to me by the lovely Love (aka love4creativity on YT). I sent her somethings before because I was so fond of her supporting me on YT and on IG that I wanted to send her a little appreciation gift. She then wanted to send me something in return. I asked her not to but she said that she had already saved somethings for me so I just agreed because who would want to reject that sweet gesture right?

I don't want to make this post long as I have already made a video about this so just watch and see how I reacted and what really surprised me aside from this goodies ^.^