Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Management Binder

This is not an in-depth look but just a quick show of my management binder and what sections are in it. I will make a video on my Youtube channel soon so please be on the look out for that if you guys want to know more about how I manage some personal things in my life. :)

The binder I am using is not a Filofax. I bought it locally and it's very cheap. I purchased it at National bookstore and if I can remember it correctly, I think its only about 299 pesos. And I made a video about this one when I was using it as my planner. So If you want to know more about this binder please go and check my channel out: MsPassiontea.

I named it "anonymous" since it has no brand name nor label when I bought it lol!
This is how it's looking on the inside when you open it.
 Here are the sections that I have.There are 6 sections. But I only use 5 for now. I am using white dividers that came in my other ringed planner called "Greenwitch". I just sticked masking stickers in the tabs to add colors and of course make it cute even a little haha!

Ok so what consists of my sections?

1. Social Media- its all about my youtube channel and blog. It's where I track and plan my posts and videos. Like make a draft of what my topics are going to be. What I will be talking about. And pictures that I will be using.

2. Project- I think this is going to be my less use section. Because I dont really have alot of projects going on. I have some few ideas but I still need to plot them out. At the moment I just have 2 projects planned to do. I know so lame right? lol!

3. Penpals- I love this section. I just basically track the letters that I receive and send to each of my penpals. In doing so, I can have an idea of how long it took for me to write back to my pen friends. And make some adjustments if it took me a long time to reply back at them.

4. Log-ins- from the name itself lol! Its literally all about my username and passwords that I use on my social media and bank accounts.

5.Finances- No need to further explain. Anything involving money I throw it in there. I use cash envelope system to separate and budget my money too.

6. It's just a blank section for now because I don't have anything else to put in there yet and I don't want to left out one section. It looks kind of weird in my binder. But I am planning on using it as an inventory area for my washi tapes!

If you notice, my sections are on point. I don't want to complicate my life lol! And that's what I need for now to manage my stuff. I don't have a family of my own yet so I don't really need alot of deep managing like setting a daily or weekly cleaning schedule in our house lol!

Do you guys keep a management binder too? How do you use it? Is it working for you? Let me know. Comment down below so I'll know. Thanks guys! bye! (Lol! that's how I say my farewell on YT hahaha!)


  1. What do you use to cover your tabs? Is it just paper or are they labels?

  2. Hi there ^.^ I used the masking sticker sets I have.

  3. Hi, beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing! Loved this post <3