Friday, March 23, 2012

arm candy

I just love how people layer their bracelets. And before I wasn't really a fan of putting accessories on. I do put a pair of earings and that's it. But now I wanna try to be "in" lol!

Oh I just got those two woven?/braided bracelets today. I soo love them!  
I tried to match these to my colorful yet eccentric tee. I hope I did a great job hehe :P

We also went to our fave thrift store! Haul coming up when I sort out everything 'cause I got pretty much a huge amount of clothes! Well who wouldn't? Everything for only..........50 pesos baby! So yeah we went a bit over board lol!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deep cleaning my brushes

I am feeling kind of productive today. Well slightly...

I kept away all my clean clothes that were newly washed. Then I am trying to finish cleaning my room coz it's a hot mess right now! Then I cleaned my brushes! Don't judge me but I haven't actually deep cleaned my face brushes for months!!!! I know I know! O Ruby you stubborn girl lol! But hey! I was too busy with work and during my days off I dont wanna do anything else but lay down all day in my bed just so I can relax and get some good rest.

this is what I use to deep clean my brushes. I am trying to use this all up so I can buy another one which is a baby shampoo.
Look how the water turned pale pink! goodness! all the dirt I've been saving wah! 
ahh! all clean and nice looking ^.^
Crap! I should learn my lesson! I have been having a poor hygiene for some time now. What was I thinking putting all those dirt in my face. Now I have been breaking out like no other arggh!!

I splurged!

I received my payslip last week and I have been really restricting myself into buying stuff. I want to save my money for summer because my boyfriend and I have been planning some getaways together because that will be our time to really bond with each other for a long period before he goes back to school. But then again after a few days I could not help myself but bought one item. And that one item lead into 2...then 3.... then 4..... so on and so forth!
The first temptation (lol) was this folded and hang tanned polka dot maxi dress. O-em-gee! I have been wanting this dress since last month and I finally got it! yippie!!! This was my first option for my cousin's wedding in Malaysia but I was worried to whether it will suit the occasion since this is a summer dress. So I passed it up and bought another one. I just told myself that if this dress will still be available next month (which is now- March!) then I will buy it. And I did! Can't wait to wear this :D

Tantanananananah! my second temptation. LUSH! This is crazy I know! And till now I am still a bit in shock and in question as to why I let 1,800 pesos go to these scented things. I don't want to think that I just wasted that huge amount of money because I wanted these items sooo bad! Especially, Retread. I wanted to feed my hair with sulfate and paraben free product hence I decided to go organic. I have read alot of positive reviews about this conditioner so I got one.  I am also obsessed with their solid soaps so I decided to add Honey I washed the kids and snowcake soap. I believe these will give my skin alot of smoothness and moister. Lastly I also bought aqua mirabilis this is a skin conditioner which works as an exfoliator.

I bought 3 bracelets and preview magazine when we went to Batangas. I've been eyeing those floral bracelets for so long but I haven't seen anything that has a cute design. But when I saw the two above, I knew I have to get them. The gold one though is just a plus because I found the charms so cute and pink! lol!
So excited to read this book. I'm gonna do a review after I read it. I love Rhonda Byrne's writing. How she can motivate people to have a positive outlook in life. I have been a fan ever since I bought her first book last 3 years ago which was the secret. Hope I'll learn something from this as well.

I also bought some stuff at surplus. That store is amazing when it comes with shorts. I mostly buy my shorts and tees there. Because it's cheap and have good quality. That beannie I got at khush oh how I love it!
I also got some hair care as well cause I am so eager to give life to my dull and boring hair. Plus that facial cleanser is for my boyfriend for when he stays over night in our house then he will have something to use in his face because he has a sensitive skin than I  -.-

Soooooo the verdict............ i'm so broke lol! I'm glad my boyfriend doesn't know about this site because if he did and reads this he'll be mad for sure lol!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Malaysia and Singapore Trip

Last month my mom, brother and I went on a trip to our neighboring country- Malaysia and Singapore!

It wasn't actually my first to got there. I went to both countries last year (November) with my friends on the other hand though. We went there mainly just for a good vacation and enjoyment.
with my friends last year!
But this time was different. We went there for a purpose. We will be attending my cousins wedding in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. But since JB was nearer in Singapore, we had to make an entry at Changi airport then make our way to JB. We arrived 3 days earlier for her wedding so we decided to make an overnight stay at Singapore first just for my family to experience a little bit of what that country was like.

February 23: First day in SG. arrive around 10 in the morning. Stayed at Hotel 81-Bencoolen. Have to wait for 12-1 pm so we can check in. While waiting we left our luggage at the hotel and went to look for a money changer and eat breakfast. We dined in at Mcdo lol since we have no idea were to go. Then we slept for a few hours then went to orchard for some sight seeing lol.

February 24: 2nd day. Went back to Orchard for some extended shopping. 

 So basically what we ended up doing there was S-H-O-P!!!! We only had a day to roam around so we have no time to go to Universal studio and visit the Merlion :(

My mom really love this country. It was clean and very discipline. While I love Orchard. Well pretty much because it's the shopping district lol! The only thing I hate about our trip was that there were so many WALKING! dang! my feet hurts like crazzzzy!

My cousins parents will be arriving the next day (Feb.24) so changi airport was our meeting place. My cousin's husband (Adam) and his friend drove all the way from JB just to picked us up then back to Johor bahru.

We arrived around 7-ish in the evening in JB. We stopped by at this chinese restaurant for dinner plus we will meet our cousin there. At first I was very hesitant and kind of worried because honestly I do not like Malay food. I am not a fun of curry nor strong spices. Good thing it was all chinese cuisine. Me liked!
Then after dinner we went straight to their pad so that we can relax because all of us were all tired and sleepy. And we had to wake up early because we will be going to Adam's hometown the next day.

their cozy place.

some filipino products!
February 25: 3rd day:  Went to Adam's hometown where the big event took place. Plus meet and greet with his family.
me with the bride.

Adam's parents with my family!
February 26: 4th day. The big day!

After the wedding we went back to their place because we will be going back to Singapore the next day. But Adam invited me to go with him and my cousin so he can show me his town even though it was already late in the evening. They let me see Dangga bay which was I think was a docking place for yacht but so many restaurants to dine in. It was so beautiful!

A New

Why hello there again blogspot! O how I missed blogging with you. Why the sudden comeback you say?! Well! Nothing really! I am just in the mood... or maybe inspired to make one. Nothing special really.

But anyhoo! The main reason I guess is that I have been a silent reader of fashion blogs for the longest time now and for that reason I told my self why not make myself one. So surprised! I am jumping into the bandwagon of it all! I mean, I love fashion so much and I get inspired by alot of beauty gurus out there.  Of course am gonna make this as personal as I can as well but to add more twist to this I'm going to be putting or just merely making some entries about clothes, make up, beauty products and such. I might be that oh-another-boring and "trying hard to be" trendsetter/beauty guru again but hey this is what I love and I'm just doing this for fun. 

But enough for now. I am going to sleep. My boyfriends going to kill me if he finds out I am still up this late and doing random things lol!

I will do further posts in the future though hehe. But for now this is just a short intro and an idea of what this blog will be ^.^