Monday, January 14, 2013

My Week #2

Here is a run down of my second week on my planner...

Highlights of my week:

  • A company that I have applied for ages ago texted me about an interview on last Wednesday. But I did not go because at the moment I am committed by something else. So I really needed to get it over with first before I do some job hunting.
  • Obviously, from my previous post, I received my BDJ box last Friday. It's like a very late Christmas gift for me lol.
  • I finished the first book of the Narnia Series. Now my question about the mysterious wardrobe has been answered after a long time of wonder >.<
  • Slept over at my boyfriend's house. I went with him at Greenhills (a shopping mall here in Ph) because he had to have his phone checked up because he was having some trouble with his camera. And he needed that in med school.
  • And lastly! O MY GOLLY! this is the best thing that ever happened this week. My 4 former students in Sunday school attended the sermon last Sunday! And man they have all grown up! I haven't seen them in awhile because I was absent at church for 2 years and they well I guess went along with me lol. My reaction was over the top haha! I just love those kids and seeing them made my first month of 2013 worth while. I hope they continue attending the church again :) 
Together with my co-teacher at Sunday school before with the kids... Look how tall they are now >.< 
So that is all for my week so far. I know my planner looks like nothing has happened lol but really, I try to make it fun and interesting for me to not slack off and get lazy.

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