Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: Project Life Dividers

Earlier this month, I finally purchased the most coveted Project Life Dividers from Gourdo's. As you might know, PL products are not readily available here in my country before. And Gourdo's is the least store that anyone can think of that carries PL stuff because that store is popular for selling kitchen products (as far as I know lol!). 

Some of my friends on IG have been posting their Smash and PL finds and Gourdo's are one of the most featured store in the group. So I decided to visit the one at Robinson's Place Manila one day and there it is, I finally found one of the item on my "wants/wish list".

I bought the pack from the "Blush" collection. It comes in with 12 dividers. Each with different designs. 

For some reason, I didn't check this particular pack when I bought it. And upon making this post, I just found out that I am missing one divider :( Sadly I only got 11 pieces. One I already use as a "today" marker for my planner.

I cut one divider to fit a Filofax size insert. I don't like wasting my stash so the left over I made it as a tab divider for my wallet.

As you can see,  the dividers are very stylish and colorful. And it's so fun to look at. Makes me really happy everyday. And very functional because aside from making it as a today marker or as a divider, some people use it as a dash board which they stick post-it notes for reminders and such. 

However, as cool as it may look and sound I found one con of this. Been only using one divider for only a week and look what happened!

The glossy outer covering peels off easily!!!

Imagine if the whole thing comes off! How do you guys think it will look like? :(

So I am really trying my best not to go brutal when I flip it lol!

***Again for my Filipino friends out there who are wondering where you can find this in the           
-bought it at Gourdo's
-cost: 400 pesos
-quantity: 12 pieces with different designs



  1. Love the designs! so sad your pack is missing one divider though.

  2. That is a plastic film/protective layer that comes on the dividers so they don't get scratched up in the packaging. It is meant for you to remove before you use them. They are nice and shiny new once you remove the plastic film.