Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Ok! So another late post! So sorry for being such a big slack! Lol! But I am a believer of "its never too late" motto haha! So I am starting off again with another weekly challenge and it's Things I Love Thursday. If you want to know more about this amazing activity go ahead and CLICK HERE. It will take you to the lovely Galadarling who started this concept.

I have been trying to apply this on my blog (and life) every year but I always tend to fail somehow. But this is such a great way to employ if anyone wants to start a gratitude practice. And as a big list-er of all things I'm thankful for everyday, this is my way of summarizing everything that happened in one week.

And since this is my first TiLT for the year, I guess it's never too late again to say "HAPPY 2014" to us all! I was not able to do this last month so I am starting it on the love month haha! Its only 2 months so again "its never too late" for this lol! I'm just gonna combine the two last weeks TiLT into this post.

  • finding a new system for my planner: new color code!
  • dining in at burger king with my co-workers (January 30)
  • start putting on a face mask
  • sent out a couple of letters to my penpals and one mini RAK
  • new stationery goodies from hobby depot
  • seeing my sister again. get to spend some time with her
  • able to drive safely from Fairview-SLEX, Batangas-Fairview
  • Take out fromJollibee and Mcdonalds before heading home
  • able to be friendly with my patients :D
  • buying my favorite magazine again (Cosmopolitan)
  • new headset for only 35 pesos! :D
  • able to make my penpals and online friends smile
  • sleeping early
  • 46th month with Rain
  • finding out about
  • setting up my management binder
  • having a section for my blog where I can plan my post.

The last one contradicts this entry becaus this is an impromptu one. I was not able to make draft about this because like I said I am such a slacker haha! But next time I'll try not to be :)

My Week #6

It's already Thursday and I'm late with posting my weekly pages for last week.

Here is week  #7:

Nothing really big happened during my weekdays. Except for the few purchases online that I received. I made a video about it so here's the link.

inlove with those mustaches! ahhh!
Oh! sad thing though, it was the last week that we get to work with our Radtech. Because it was his last day on Thursday (February 6). But! We get to meet a new Radtech that will be his replacement. And I'm glad that the new guy is nice and cool about him being the only guy at our clinic haha!

On Sunday however, me, my mom and my brother went to see my sister in Batangas because she has a program there. It's actually a monthly thing which is good because she is base there now and we only get to see her once a month.
errr mom? haha! excuse her. She's not yet prepared when the camera clicked lol!
My week seems pretty boring huh? But good thing I have my filofax and all my parafernalias to play with! It keeps me sane amidst all the boringness of my life and tiredness of work haha!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Management Binder

This is not an in-depth look but just a quick show of my management binder and what sections are in it. I will make a video on my Youtube channel soon so please be on the look out for that if you guys want to know more about how I manage some personal things in my life. :)

The binder I am using is not a Filofax. I bought it locally and it's very cheap. I purchased it at National bookstore and if I can remember it correctly, I think its only about 299 pesos. And I made a video about this one when I was using it as my planner. So If you want to know more about this binder please go and check my channel out: MsPassiontea.

I named it "anonymous" since it has no brand name nor label when I bought it lol!
This is how it's looking on the inside when you open it.
 Here are the sections that I have.There are 6 sections. But I only use 5 for now. I am using white dividers that came in my other ringed planner called "Greenwitch". I just sticked masking stickers in the tabs to add colors and of course make it cute even a little haha!

Ok so what consists of my sections?

1. Social Media- its all about my youtube channel and blog. It's where I track and plan my posts and videos. Like make a draft of what my topics are going to be. What I will be talking about. And pictures that I will be using.

2. Project- I think this is going to be my less use section. Because I dont really have alot of projects going on. I have some few ideas but I still need to plot them out. At the moment I just have 2 projects planned to do. I know so lame right? lol!

3. Penpals- I love this section. I just basically track the letters that I receive and send to each of my penpals. In doing so, I can have an idea of how long it took for me to write back to my pen friends. And make some adjustments if it took me a long time to reply back at them.

4. Log-ins- from the name itself lol! Its literally all about my username and passwords that I use on my social media and bank accounts.

5.Finances- No need to further explain. Anything involving money I throw it in there. I use cash envelope system to separate and budget my money too.

6. It's just a blank section for now because I don't have anything else to put in there yet and I don't want to left out one section. It looks kind of weird in my binder. But I am planning on using it as an inventory area for my washi tapes!

If you notice, my sections are on point. I don't want to complicate my life lol! And that's what I need for now to manage my stuff. I don't have a family of my own yet so I don't really need alot of deep managing like setting a daily or weekly cleaning schedule in our house lol!

Do you guys keep a management binder too? How do you use it? Is it working for you? Let me know. Comment down below so I'll know. Thanks guys! bye! (Lol! that's how I say my farewell on YT hahaha!)

Monday, February 3, 2014

My week #5

 Hey guys!

This is my very first weekly look at my planner for this year. And it's going to be week #5. I started joining this challenge last year and it was started by Angela of Paperlovestory. Sadly I was not able to keep up with it and now Angela decided to stop the challenge for this year because she has become so busy. She is on her journey of becoming a future doctor so she will not be able to attend to everyone's post every week.

But anyway, one of my goals this year is to blog more hence, I am still going to do this challenge and show you each week how my pages turned out.

So what are the highlights this week?

On Monday, it was my boyfriend and I's 46th monthsary. And I am very happy that we were together that day even though we were just together for a few hours because he has to leave for his hospital duty. But I am glad that we could greet each other personally.. and hug him... and say "I love you" face to face haha! :D

And also that day, I was able to find my receipt for our professional tax last 2011. Or else I will pay 2,900+ pesos which covers from 2009 (the year where I passed the board exam) up to this year, 2014. And I hate that in our government. I already paid for a few years for my PTR and yet if we don't have any proof of payment we will pay again the year that we got our license to the current year. So that means, if I was not able to find my receipt last 2011, I'm gonna have to pay for that again! So since I was able to find my receipt the total I paid now for my PTR was 1,300 pesos which is still a large amount but not that rediculous compared to 2,900 pesos!

Then on Thursday, me and my co-workers had dinner at Burger King. 
This is how I eat my burger hahaha!
Come Friday and Saturday. We don't have work because of the Chinese new year. My family really dont celebrate that so all I did on those days were to update my management binder, film a video for my Youtube channel and of course play with my toys which are my stationeries and Filofaxes. Lol!

So thats what happened to my week.

On another note, I have a new planning system. I am now using color coding to plan my days. I made a video explaining about the colors that I use and what its designations are, so I will put that at the end of this post so you will be able to watch it ^.^

Ok, so this is turning out to be a long post so I guess I have to wrap it up. I'll leave you with this quote that was an excerpt from the poem "Footprints". I had the book so I decided to read it yesterday (Sunday). 

I had this book for a few years now and I was not able to read it once! I only display it as a decoration in my room. Then I decided to pull this out from my bookshelf and started reading it. And I tell you guys, that last few words on the poem really hit me to my bones lol! Seriously! I'm not lying! I have never cried so much in a very long time. And after reading the whole poem, I had a good talk to my heavenly father!It was not actually a prayer. Its more of a conversation with him. And what a RELIEF it is on my part! Really really happy I made a choice of simply reading this book that changed my entire afternoon yesterday. So grateful!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 review

Oh dear! It's already February 1 here. I feel like January went by so fast! It just came and now we are all saying bye bye to it again.

So what happened to me on the first month of this year?

A look of my January monthly page
Hmmm.. Let me start of by telling you guys that I am doing field works for now. I am kind of bummed about it because it's not actually related to my profession. It's far from doing laboratory works. Since our company is not entertaining too many clients for now, our boss decided to dispatch me to a maritime training center. What I do is to conduct a simple medical for their trainees like taking their vital signs, blood pressure and vision screen. At first I was not okay about it. Like I tell myself why am I doing this type of job. I belong in the lab and not outside of it. But in the latter part I kinda got used to it and find it a bit of fun talking to my patients one on one.

This month also I spent some quality time with my boyfriend. If you can see the heart sticker on my monthly page, it represents the days when we are together. We also celebrated our 46th monthsarry this month ^.^

But the biggest highlight is.....

Making a dish he requested!
I have to admit. I'm no cook at all! I only know how to boil an egg and fry stuff but I cannot for the life of me can create something delightful lol! But since he requested for this dish, I had to actually search for the recipe and procedure on how to make a "Chicken Pastel"

Good thing I found a very simple way of cooking it through YT! And voila!! He loved it guys! And I can say I did a pretty good job lol! It turned out good guys! Surprisingly lol!

Now let's move on to my spiritual life, I did not do well on this department :( I only attended 2 Sunday service for this month. The star stickers represents my attendance on our church. And for me sticking that every Sunday is an accomplishment so I really have to make up for that this month and the coming months!

On another note, here is my January accomplishments. I will be including this on my monthly recap from now on. I am using the barnes and noble punctuate monthly inserts and its so perfect for me to write down all my accomplishments every month instead of using different types of loose leaf papers.

So how was your January?