Thursday, July 17, 2014

what's in my bag organizer

If you know me in person then you'd know that I love to organize everything including the contents inside my bag. That is why I have a thing for cute little pouches. I put tiny bags inside my bag to make it clutter free. It's no surprise if you'd find more than 2 pouches in my bag that carries different stuff in it. That is also why I see bag organizers as one of the greatest inventions ever lol!

Let me share with you my pink bag organizer and what I carry in it..

I apologize if I can't tell you what brand it is because I just bought it in our local bookstore with no tag or anything that says its brand. My first time to see this particular bag organizer was on Youtube. Someone on the Filofax community is featuring it. I was attracted by its color but not really something that I would go and search all over.

But then one day when I was shopping for a few filofax goodies, I saw this one on a shelf and I literally flipped and grab one in an instant. But then I put it back again because I realize that it's not really practical. But boy oh boy! days after, I couldn't sleep and all I can think about was this organizer. So I went again to that store and fortunately they still have one on stock!

And so here it is. The one thing that occupies half of my bag but I am loving it!
\see the gazillion pockets it offers? 
As the name implies, it's an O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-R! If you're a neat freak like me but carries a ton of things, then this can be your best friend. Imagine, one bag organizer carries a ton of compartments in it. Not just one but maybe 5 or even 10 pockets! You can designate your stuff on where you want to put it. Or you can even just shove everything in there if you want haha!

So what do I carry in it?

1. First side compartment carries all things related to money.
My wallets: - A red mini Topaz Filofax
- Coin purse
2. Second side compartment has important little necessities that I need everyday.
1. notebook I use as a gratitude journal
2. Bible memory verse book
3. Work ID
4. highlighter and a pen
3. I carry a book and my planner in the large middle compartment.
Cashflow Quadrant from Robert Kiyosaki\
Pink Metropol Filofax
Lovely isn't it?

Another thing why I like this is that it keeps your stuff safe from thieves or holdaper as what we Filipinos say lol!! If they try to slit open my bag then sorry for them. I have another layer that protects my things haha!!
So do you guys use a bag organizer too? What do you carry in it? Don't forget to let me know ok ;)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

June Weekly Pages

 Since I have been MIA for awhile, my weekly pages post also stopped. But since I am motivated to get back into the blogging world, I decided to also comeback by featuring a few of my weekly pages. 

One thing about my planning system now is that, I lay-lowed with putting on too much decoration with my pages. My planning has become on point. I just write my to-do's, appointments, special events, etc. I only add stickers and sticky notes to add alittle bit of fun to my pages but not too much anymore. But I still use my color coding system just because I love seeing colors to my pages.

I'll just give you guys a brief walk through on how my June pages looked like and share a short explanation on what happened during those weeks..

Week 24: Rain's graduation day!

Finally! After the long wait and hardship. My baby has already finished his first step in med school. He graduated last May 31 and I am just a proud girlfriend!!!!

Week 23: The week I resigned on my job.

I decided to quit my job on June 2. It was pretty much a big decision for me. But I had to do it because my work isn't healthy for me anymore. I was not happy...

But! after 2 days, a new company called me and wanted to hire me!

Week 24: I got in on a new company!

This week I received a good news that the company I am applying to decided to hire me as one of their stuff! Yey! Happy me!

Week 25: Started with my new job.

My first day on my new work was on this week. The company also invited me to join a culture building that was held in Batangas which was very helpful for a newbie like me to learn more about the history and the aim of my employer.

Week 26: The week I turned 30!

This week was my birthday celebration. We only had a simple celebration at home. My parents surprised me with a few foods on the table which I truely appreciate! The only thing was, I was sick this week even on the day of my birhtday :( But still I had a great day that week.

As you can see, I now have a very minimalist pages. It may look boring to some of you but for now I just like how simple it looks.

I will leave you guys with this super sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet comment of my ever so wonderful boyfriend on facebook. Of course I had to copy it and put it on my planner haha! :D


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: Project Life Dividers

Earlier this month, I finally purchased the most coveted Project Life Dividers from Gourdo's. As you might know, PL products are not readily available here in my country before. And Gourdo's is the least store that anyone can think of that carries PL stuff because that store is popular for selling kitchen products (as far as I know lol!). 

Some of my friends on IG have been posting their Smash and PL finds and Gourdo's are one of the most featured store in the group. So I decided to visit the one at Robinson's Place Manila one day and there it is, I finally found one of the item on my "wants/wish list".

I bought the pack from the "Blush" collection. It comes in with 12 dividers. Each with different designs. 

For some reason, I didn't check this particular pack when I bought it. And upon making this post, I just found out that I am missing one divider :( Sadly I only got 11 pieces. One I already use as a "today" marker for my planner.

I cut one divider to fit a Filofax size insert. I don't like wasting my stash so the left over I made it as a tab divider for my wallet.

As you can see,  the dividers are very stylish and colorful. And it's so fun to look at. Makes me really happy everyday. And very functional because aside from making it as a today marker or as a divider, some people use it as a dash board which they stick post-it notes for reminders and such. 

However, as cool as it may look and sound I found one con of this. Been only using one divider for only a week and look what happened!

The glossy outer covering peels off easily!!!

Imagine if the whole thing comes off! How do you guys think it will look like? :(

So I am really trying my best not to go brutal when I flip it lol!

***Again for my Filipino friends out there who are wondering where you can find this in the           
-bought it at Gourdo's
-cost: 400 pesos
-quantity: 12 pieces with different designs