Monday, April 29, 2013

my week #17

This is a sudden move on my planner this week. I just woke up one morning last week and I am finding myself arranging some pages from my high school planner to my recent one. But then when I went to the bookstore I saw this really pretty and simple planner that caught my eye and I just bought it without thinking. When I went home I just customized everything which is the most exciting part of all.

Anyway, it has been just a very boring day during the weekdays. I had to do alot of cleaning especially on my bathroom that I had to do a major re-organization with. But came Saturday, I was very fortunate enough to be a part of a big event on our church. It was the inauguration of our new church building. And we are so grateful because it was a success. According to our pastor, they heard a very good feedback from our guests. Then after the inauguration we had to clean everything from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor which was fun because all of us, my churchmates and I cooperated with. And then we had a fellowship at 7 pm with our churchmates from Korea who visited and attended the inauguration. It was really an amazing day for all of us. It was all laughter and cheers which is wonderful because we can feel God's presence in each of us that day :)

one of my favorite photo that day with one of our beloved Korean brother :)
Aside from that, two special occasions also passed ;ast week that I didn't get to celebrate :( my 4th year spiritual birthday and my and boyfriend's 37th monthsary. But oh well atleast I get to attend the inauguration of our church which was the most important event that week.

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