Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Outfit

Another year has passed and a new one has come. It's like the saying "when a door closes, a new window will open." It's a new beginning for most of us. A time to start anew. NEW! NEW! NEW! Lol!

Each year I set a tradition for myself. And that is to be and feel F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! And by doing that I have to start externally. By wearing something comfortable yet makes me feel oh-so-pretty lol. Its nothing grand like what celebrities and models wear but it has to be something that makes me standout and exudes confidence.

My mom also has her own tradition. We have to wear new clothes and it has to be polka dotted.

So when we went to Divisoria, I immediately looked for what I will wear on new years eve. Yes! my outfit is cheap and I am not ashamed to shout to the world that my outfit is Divisoria made haha! Who cares! As long as I am feeling what I am wearing then I'm fine with that. I'm not picky with my clothes. I can wear branded, cheap, or even "ukay" clothes lol!

day time wear: pink dress layered with a red cardigan on top.

trying to vlog

We spent half of our day in Batangas because that is where my sister is staying. We didn't get to spend last year's welcoming of 2013 with her so this time my mom made sure that we did. We left late afternoon so we could have time to prepare back home.

Night time wear: Red top with white polka dots and leggings
capturing 2014 with a bang!

And of course my Filofax has to be with me anywhere I go. And it has to make an appearance on this post hahaha!
This is my first picture holding a Filofax lol #selfie
What did you wear on New Year's eve? Did you feel fab too? I hope everyone did ^.^

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