Sunday, July 6, 2014

June Weekly Pages

 Since I have been MIA for awhile, my weekly pages post also stopped. But since I am motivated to get back into the blogging world, I decided to also comeback by featuring a few of my weekly pages. 

One thing about my planning system now is that, I lay-lowed with putting on too much decoration with my pages. My planning has become on point. I just write my to-do's, appointments, special events, etc. I only add stickers and sticky notes to add alittle bit of fun to my pages but not too much anymore. But I still use my color coding system just because I love seeing colors to my pages.

I'll just give you guys a brief walk through on how my June pages looked like and share a short explanation on what happened during those weeks..

Week 24: Rain's graduation day!

Finally! After the long wait and hardship. My baby has already finished his first step in med school. He graduated last May 31 and I am just a proud girlfriend!!!!

Week 23: The week I resigned on my job.

I decided to quit my job on June 2. It was pretty much a big decision for me. But I had to do it because my work isn't healthy for me anymore. I was not happy...

But! after 2 days, a new company called me and wanted to hire me!

Week 24: I got in on a new company!

This week I received a good news that the company I am applying to decided to hire me as one of their stuff! Yey! Happy me!

Week 25: Started with my new job.

My first day on my new work was on this week. The company also invited me to join a culture building that was held in Batangas which was very helpful for a newbie like me to learn more about the history and the aim of my employer.

Week 26: The week I turned 30!

This week was my birthday celebration. We only had a simple celebration at home. My parents surprised me with a few foods on the table which I truely appreciate! The only thing was, I was sick this week even on the day of my birhtday :( But still I had a great day that week.

As you can see, I now have a very minimalist pages. It may look boring to some of you but for now I just like how simple it looks.

I will leave you guys with this super sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet comment of my ever so wonderful boyfriend on facebook. Of course I had to copy it and put it on my planner haha! :D


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