Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deep cleaning my brushes

I am feeling kind of productive today. Well slightly...

I kept away all my clean clothes that were newly washed. Then I am trying to finish cleaning my room coz it's a hot mess right now! Then I cleaned my brushes! Don't judge me but I haven't actually deep cleaned my face brushes for months!!!! I know I know! O Ruby you stubborn girl lol! But hey! I was too busy with work and during my days off I dont wanna do anything else but lay down all day in my bed just so I can relax and get some good rest.

this is what I use to deep clean my brushes. I am trying to use this all up so I can buy another one which is a baby shampoo.
Look how the water turned pale pink! goodness! all the dirt I've been saving wah! 
ahh! all clean and nice looking ^.^
Crap! I should learn my lesson! I have been having a poor hygiene for some time now. What was I thinking putting all those dirt in my face. Now I have been breaking out like no other arggh!!

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