Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A New

Why hello there again blogspot! O how I missed blogging with you. Why the sudden comeback you say?! Well! Nothing really! I am just in the mood... or maybe inspired to make one. Nothing special really.

But anyhoo! The main reason I guess is that I have been a silent reader of fashion blogs for the longest time now and for that reason I told my self why not make myself one. So surprised! I am jumping into the bandwagon of it all! I mean, I love fashion so much and I get inspired by alot of beauty gurus out there.  Of course am gonna make this as personal as I can as well but to add more twist to this I'm going to be putting or just merely making some entries about clothes, make up, beauty products and such. I might be that oh-another-boring and "trying hard to be" trendsetter/beauty guru again but hey this is what I love and I'm just doing this for fun. 

But enough for now. I am going to sleep. My boyfriends going to kill me if he finds out I am still up this late and doing random things lol!

I will do further posts in the future though hehe. But for now this is just a short intro and an idea of what this blog will be ^.^


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