Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So true!

For the longest time I stepped in a weighing scale this morning at my boyfriends house. And I was really shocked... No honestly I was a bit devastated and disappointed of myself (physically talking). My weight was 66 kgs! A very BIG HUGE difference from before. I admit I was not taking care of myself these past few months due to work and thinking too much! Maybe I over stressed myself that I begun to loose myself in some ways. My boyfriend noticed my bulging tummy and said that maybe its time for me to go on diet. Its not that he doesn't love me but he's just worried about my health.

Then it hit me..... Why do I stress myself from things that are not worthy at all. Forgetting to love myself is not an excuse just because of unnecessary things. Maybe its time for me to turn things around. To not think of other people but myself only. So this time I'm gonna try. I will TRY! I will make it happen!

Aim/goal: loose atleast 20 pounds in a month!

Impossible? Make it POSSIBLE RUBY!

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