Monday, May 28, 2012

Motivational Monday

Well I guess this blog wont be that typical "fashion/make up" blog after all. I was reading Galadarling's (my fave blogger) site last week and this things just popped to my mind:

  • Motivational Monday
  • Things I Love Thursday
  • This Melts my heart Friday
  • Spiritual Sunday

 Wow! I suddenly thought!..... My new categories for my blog! :)

Aside from being inlove with fashion, make up, clothes and all things girly, I have been a HUGE fan of inspirational things! May it be books, pictures, poems, blogs, as long as it will motivate me and I know will make a big impact in my life I will forever cherish it. I know those things aren't really my ideas but I am thankful for those people who invented it because it will help me put something  (worthy?) in my blog.

Anyway, on to my first list....

I have been a fan of Rhonda Byrne for years. Ever since she has published her first book, The Secret, my life has changed. To all those who have read the book you know what I am talking about...

So when I saw this book I was "ahhhh! another great book! a must have!" So without thinking I immediately pulled it out from where it was standing and bought it. I was sooooooooo excited that I cant even wait to go home and read it.

I love this book even more when I learned that this is a challenge book. Not your typical paragraph book that you will read and then that's it. This book is different because it has some activities that you need to finish for 28 days. How cool is that?! I am now on my 9th day but I can't wait to finish it!

My motivation for this is that this will help me enhance my gratitude skills. And will inspire me to write more thank you's to my gratitude journal. :)

 Oh plus I was also motivated to put this things in order haha!

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