Friday, August 23, 2013

New Storage for my Collection

With the growing stationery collection, I have to move around my desk in my room trying to find the right place for it to consolidate my things. Even though I like my previous set up, I decided to not use my desk to store my stationeries anymore. Instead, I placed my desk at the center edge of my bed and turn it into a tiny filming area for when I make videos for Youtube :)

The first set up when I moved to this room. 
My shoe rak was poorly stored at one of my cabinets. I have no use for it so I decide to store it away for the mean time. But for the past few days, I was thinking of pulling it out because I have to use it once again for my shoes that are loitering around outside my bedroom. 

I don't know what I was thinking but this idea just popped into my head when I was staring at my desk one night. I guess I got sick and tired about how it looked before. So this happened...

I now stored all my stationeries inside my shoe rak!
Above the shoe rak I decorated it with my golden piggy bank, a picture frame with a picture of me and my boyfriend, a SNSD calendar, my planners, and a few knick knacks.

 At the wall I have sticked some BDJ notepad with bible verses that I love.

And this is what the inside looked like...
1st row: all my sticky notes, tiny note pads and notebooks
2nd row: washi tapes, scotch tapes, stickers and sticker book
3rd row: pens and other miscellanious things like inserts, glue tape, dividers, etc.
 For now I am really liking how my shoe rack stores everything. I am not satisfied though with how I keep my stationeries in each container. But I love how I get to see all my collections when I open this shoe rack turned stationery storage lol!

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