Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my week #24

The highlight of this week would be the weekends.
  • Saturday: My brethren and I conducted a house visitation to a few members of our congregation who have not attended the church for awhile. We visited 6 families to see how are they coping up in life nowadays. They are doing good but of course we are concern because we have not seen them attend the church for a long time. 
         After the visitation, we went to the market to buy ingredients for our dinner. Because the     
         Filipinoes are scheduled to cook that day. We opted for grilled Bangus (milk fish) and Liempo 
        (pork). Then at 7 pm we had our fellowship. It was tiring but worth it. I arrived home around 12 
        pm though lol!

  •  Sunday: My family and I were supposed to visit my aunt who arrived from Italy on Saturday night. But then my mom cancelled our trip boo! Anyway, I decided to attend the church instead. After that I went to my boyfriends house. I feel so guilty because I did not know it was fathers day and I didn't greet my dad :( Although he works overseas, I should have messaged him or call him but I didn't :((

        Anyway, I joined my boyfriends family in celebrating Father's day. We had dinner at Shakey's   
        and man my tummy was full lol!

Usually my days gets busy during Saturday and Sunday. That's why I am a bit bummed out that the weekends on my planner have a small space to write. But I am getting used to it though.

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