Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My week #38

This week is all about last minute preparation for my new job. My boss asked me to process the license to operate the laboratory that I will be working on. It was such a big task to carry because I was handling all the documents relating to the licensing. I assumed it was a one day (Sept. 19) process but it turned out that I lack few necessary requirements so I had to go back again the next day (Sept. 20) to complete everything.

And then it was also my boyfriends birthday on the 20th. I was a little depressed that day because I don't get to be with my him on his special day. :(

I also done with reading "The Happiness Project" and did you know what I found out?....

Gretchen Rubin uses a Filofax!!!!
My heart jumped when I learned she was using on. I was more than motivated to use my Filofax now ^.^

So how was your week guys?!

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