Monday, November 25, 2013


I received a few pieces of journaling cards from Sugarpandax3's RAK last month. In one of those cards included this one particular card that sums up sort of my principle in life.

Ever since I have learned all about being positive (thru The Secret), there's no day that has gone by that I have not thought even one happy thing that I have encountered, received, experience in one day. It has become my habit to think happy things everyday. Whether its a simple compliment from my co-worker or was shared a food by someone or just a phone call from my boyfriend or family, for me it is something to be considered as a good thing that happened in my day.

And from that way of thinking, I became a firm believer and doer of gratitude.

I started writing in a gratitude journal since 2008 after reading The Secret. Ever since then, every year I always see to it that I have a new notebook to use as my gratitude jounal/diary of good things. I do not know how many notebooks I have already used since I started, but until now I am still applying it into my life. Right now, I am using the green Apex Filofax as my spiritual journal. And in one section I have included my gratitude journal since this also uplifts my spirit.

As a result, I noticed that I have become more appreciative-in people, in things,... to God. I have also learned to value everything that I have (from pens, to papers, to our house, the food we eat, etc). Plus, When I feel down or some negativity pops up, I still think about something good in my day. Even if its only one good thing, atleast I have something to be thankful about.

A page I cut out from The Secret Gratitude journal

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