Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Ok! So another late post! So sorry for being such a big slack! Lol! But I am a believer of "its never too late" motto haha! So I am starting off again with another weekly challenge and it's Things I Love Thursday. If you want to know more about this amazing activity go ahead and CLICK HERE. It will take you to the lovely Galadarling who started this concept.

I have been trying to apply this on my blog (and life) every year but I always tend to fail somehow. But this is such a great way to employ if anyone wants to start a gratitude practice. And as a big list-er of all things I'm thankful for everyday, this is my way of summarizing everything that happened in one week.

And since this is my first TiLT for the year, I guess it's never too late again to say "HAPPY 2014" to us all! I was not able to do this last month so I am starting it on the love month haha! Its only 2 months so again "its never too late" for this lol! I'm just gonna combine the two last weeks TiLT into this post.

  • finding a new system for my planner: new color code!
  • dining in at burger king with my co-workers (January 30)
  • start putting on a face mask
  • sent out a couple of letters to my penpals and one mini RAK
  • new stationery goodies from hobby depot
  • seeing my sister again. get to spend some time with her
  • able to drive safely from Fairview-SLEX, Batangas-Fairview
  • Take out fromJollibee and Mcdonalds before heading home
  • able to be friendly with my patients :D
  • buying my favorite magazine again (Cosmopolitan)
  • new headset for only 35 pesos! :D
  • able to make my penpals and online friends smile
  • sleeping early
  • 46th month with Rain
  • finding out about
  • setting up my management binder
  • having a section for my blog where I can plan my post.

The last one contradicts this entry becaus this is an impromptu one. I was not able to make draft about this because like I said I am such a slacker haha! But next time I'll try not to be :)

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