Monday, February 3, 2014

My week #5

 Hey guys!

This is my very first weekly look at my planner for this year. And it's going to be week #5. I started joining this challenge last year and it was started by Angela of Paperlovestory. Sadly I was not able to keep up with it and now Angela decided to stop the challenge for this year because she has become so busy. She is on her journey of becoming a future doctor so she will not be able to attend to everyone's post every week.

But anyway, one of my goals this year is to blog more hence, I am still going to do this challenge and show you each week how my pages turned out.

So what are the highlights this week?

On Monday, it was my boyfriend and I's 46th monthsary. And I am very happy that we were together that day even though we were just together for a few hours because he has to leave for his hospital duty. But I am glad that we could greet each other personally.. and hug him... and say "I love you" face to face haha! :D

And also that day, I was able to find my receipt for our professional tax last 2011. Or else I will pay 2,900+ pesos which covers from 2009 (the year where I passed the board exam) up to this year, 2014. And I hate that in our government. I already paid for a few years for my PTR and yet if we don't have any proof of payment we will pay again the year that we got our license to the current year. So that means, if I was not able to find my receipt last 2011, I'm gonna have to pay for that again! So since I was able to find my receipt the total I paid now for my PTR was 1,300 pesos which is still a large amount but not that rediculous compared to 2,900 pesos!

Then on Thursday, me and my co-workers had dinner at Burger King. 
This is how I eat my burger hahaha!
Come Friday and Saturday. We don't have work because of the Chinese new year. My family really dont celebrate that so all I did on those days were to update my management binder, film a video for my Youtube channel and of course play with my toys which are my stationeries and Filofaxes. Lol!

So thats what happened to my week.

On another note, I have a new planning system. I am now using color coding to plan my days. I made a video explaining about the colors that I use and what its designations are, so I will put that at the end of this post so you will be able to watch it ^.^

Ok, so this is turning out to be a long post so I guess I have to wrap it up. I'll leave you with this quote that was an excerpt from the poem "Footprints". I had the book so I decided to read it yesterday (Sunday). 

I had this book for a few years now and I was not able to read it once! I only display it as a decoration in my room. Then I decided to pull this out from my bookshelf and started reading it. And I tell you guys, that last few words on the poem really hit me to my bones lol! Seriously! I'm not lying! I have never cried so much in a very long time. And after reading the whole poem, I had a good talk to my heavenly father!It was not actually a prayer. Its more of a conversation with him. And what a RELIEF it is on my part! Really really happy I made a choice of simply reading this book that changed my entire afternoon yesterday. So grateful!


  1. That system of paying sucks. Hahaha. Shouldn't they have a record of their own if the taxpayer already paid for last year and not rely on the receipts for proof? Love your new color coding system by the way sis. :)

    1. Believe it or not! they dont have any logbooks, ledger whatsoever to record each of their taxpayers! kainis nga eh! Kaya if you ever will pursuit a profession that needs a licensing on PRC. See to it that when you pay your professional tax, FILE the receipt! hahaha! Kahit gaano pa katagal yan. wag mo itapon. Tapos sampal mo sa kung sino ang manghihingi sau lol!.... thanks sis! I am loving my system too hehe!