Saturday, December 6, 2014

My first pair of Charles and Keith

I would normally ignore Charles and Keith everytime I go to the mall. For me, the prices of their shoes are out of my budget. But then yesterday, they had a stall of their products that are on sale. And it's not just 20% off.... but 50% and take note 70% off!! And since I was looking for a nice pair of sandals, I decided to check their stall. And voila I fell inlove with this pair!

From 2,199 pesos down to 999 pesos!! TOTAL STEAL!!

 I am into versatile items. Things that I can wear on a daily basis. Whether it be casual or formal. And I think this beauty offers all that.

The material is sort of like velvety and its a platform wedge with a peep toe that can add sexiness into our outfit. The black, white, khaki color combination can be match with everything which is another plus for me.

I was very excited that I wore these babies out today. And mind you guys I found out that it's very comfy! Which is surprising because i think the wedge is 3 inches high. Which is high enough for me lol!


 What I wore:
Top: Tomato
Skirt: my cousin :D
bracelet: FB online store

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  1. Oh what a deal. I absolutely loves wedges. Them ones are really pretty and really go with your outfit too.

    Joanny 😊