Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost Nude

Ok so this thing got me excited that I really really really (as in REALLY!) wanted to do a short review regarding this lipstick. 

I didn't know that my lola (she's not actually my father nor my mom's mother. But she is the sister of my mom's mother so technically she is still my grandmother right? lol.) arrived last night. She had a long trip from Surigao (down south the Phil) to Manila. She just took a bus! I could not believe she can travel that far! she is like 70+ years old plus had some back pains here and there! whoa! 

Anyhooo! She gave my mom a few lipsticks that she had with her and told her to pick what she likes. Then my mom asked me to pick one as well. She actually picked this lipstick first but when I saw this I'm like "mom can I have this instead?!" I fell in love with the color! It is like the perfect nude color for me. I have the Soft Nude of Revlon but it's a bit lighter for my skin tone that you cannot even tell that I have it on :(

Almost Nude is from Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks line. It is a bit darker than soft nude. Aside from the color, what attracted me the most is that it does not dry out my lips! Plus, it stayed on a bit longer that any of my Revlon lipsticks. It's so cream and so pigmented! I have only used it this morning and I am doing a review regarding this. That is how much I fell for this fella.

Can you tell how excited I was? hehe!

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