Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friendly Locks

I think I am having some anxiety attacks lately. Arggh! I keep on getting some headaches. I could not sleep properly and I tend to wake up in the middle of the night! Huhu what is wrong with me :( Anyways, I wanted to make this entry just to keep my mind off from unnecessary things that keeps on popping my head!

I have been in search for the right products that will help my unruly and curly hair from being that somewhat perfect luscious locks. Hence, I bought a few products for my crowning glory that I am hoping will help me give that umph to my hair.

 I have been obsessing over this two products for the last few weeks! I have been using them alternately ever since I bought them. so far I'm having a good results.

This however is a new add on to my journey. I have read good reviews about this product so I wanted to give it a try as well. And since Dove has been getting alot of positive feedbacks from their hair care line, including me 'coz I have also tried their shampoo and conditioner as well so why not give this a try right?

Hoping for the best!

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