Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I love Thursday

I miss doing this. I have been following the founder of this amazing activity for years! And in my old blog, I had joined in their bandwagon to simply having a beautiful life. The owner of that blog has sooo many activities that helps people accept and love- none other than his/her self. But my all time fave of course is TILT! It's a weekly activity where in you summarize all the things you love or made you happy or just being grateful about the whole entire week and come Thursday you just simply give it all a rundown. So here are all my loves for this week!

new things: lipsticks, bracelet and eyeshadow. seeing my sister: hearing her experiences. seeing her perform. her smile. talking to her. able to hug her. cleaned my room. foods. pictures and tumblr. able to blog again. getting compliments from our patients (because of my extraction). my boyfriend. my parents. wearing my old booties. wearing my fave bag. ideas for future blogs. inspiration from different sorts of people in the cyberworld. ordering half rice during lunch. cookies and chocolate from my lola. facial mask. new make up routine I learned. 100 pesos found under my bed.

You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your faceAnd show the world all the love in your heartThen people gonna treat you betterYou're gonna find, yes you willThat you're beatiful as you feel- Carole King

hmmm... that's about it for now. sigh! Being grateful really means alot to me. This is one way of making me feel better. Something to remind me that no matter how huge the burden I carry, there will always be that tiny hope that will always make me smile in the end. :) I am so glad I learned about this. Thank you GALADARLING!

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