Monday, February 11, 2013

My Week #6

I had such a busy week. We are having some problems in our household so I had to assist my mom in dealing with it. I've been driving her around back and forth for 3 days to our destination which was very very tiring because it was an all day agenda and an hour drive to get there. 

My week on this page:
  • I made my mom a home management binder to help her with our everyday budget and finances. But unfortunately she does not use it :( 
  • I have been listening on repeat "Blessing Song" which is a Christian song. This has been a favorite this year at church.
  • My friend from London called me. Thank you viber! Lol! 

On this page:

  • I went to Laguna for my Boyfriend's niece's birthday. I was supposed to go on Friday but then it was also my cousins birthday so I had to postpone it and go the next day instead. We celebrated it on Saturday which was another busy day. We had to deal with all the preparations, entertaining and stuff. In the evening, my boyfriend and I opted to watch a movie and getaway from all the troubles and noise from the guests.
  • I went with my churchmate to visit 3 thrift stores in Taft Mrt station. I must say those stores offer so many pretty items. I was drawn to this particular thrift store that sells alot of second hand and new shoes. I am actually proud of myself for not buying a single thing! haha! I kept on thinking the word "save" (money!) Lol!

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