Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Week #7

This week was somewhat a typical week for me. The only thing that's fascinating was my new stationaries lol. Anyway, during the weekends some of my churchmates and I supposedly will go for an overnight getaway in Batangas but it got cancelled due to some problem at the place we were supposed to stay in. On the other hand, our pastor invited us for a joint fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Calauan,Laguna (already made a post about it). Then on Sunday, we also had another joint fellowship together with the Korean Women Youth members in our church. After that, I headed to MOA to meet my mom and to attend the last day of Travel Expo. We were close to buying tickets for Thailand but then the promo will start on July so my mom and I hesitated and did not push through about it.

This is a really short post and it's kinda late so my mind is not functioning properly lol.


Speaking of my churchmates, my brothers there who were closest to me were bugging me at this time >.< They were calling me just to say that they were having a chat about our past moments (which btw were PRECIOUS to us!). Aw! They are really the sweetest brothers in Christ. I am so lucky to meet have meet them :) Thank you father God!

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