Friday, June 14, 2013

inside my christian diary

So, I have been showcasing my planner here in my blog through paperlovestory's activity "my week" posts. But today I will be featuring my other love which is my christian diary that I use on my church activities like fellowships, retreats, and Sunday services. Anything church related I write it on this diary.

This diary is made specifically for the church that I go to. It is made and manufactured in Korea by our Korean brethren. And they ship some here in the Philippines to share with Filipino members of the same church. Every year they produce this diary and the cover is of different color each time.

This yea, they went for a lavender cover.

I don't know what material the front cover is made of but it is so soft and buttery to touch
 When you open my diary this is what you will see...

pictures, stickers and name tag from previous retreats
 It also came with a monthly view which is nice because every meetings and appointments or any special occasion relating to the church goes directly in there.

At the back of the monthly view, there is a monthly layout again that you can write any important notes. And beside that is a paper dashboard.

This is what the main use of the diary for...

taking down important notes during our services

and is where I use my sitcky notes too
 There is also a map at the back portion.

eveything is written in Korean though
 And the back flap
also contains pictures of my brethren and name tags
I try to be creative with this notebook. If I can give time to be creative in my planner why not with my church notebook right? Well as a result, I always enjoy writing on every page of this diary.

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  1. Loved this post ruby. New follower here. Been trying to create a faith anf prayer journal fot myself and this post has given me a few ideas. Thanks for sharing. :)