Monday, June 3, 2013

My Week #22

hi guys! :) I know I know... I have no excuse for my absence! But here I am again is what important right? :P

So here is my week!

By the way I just want to share that I made a youtube channel :D the name is MsPassiontea. I made that channel solely for the purpose of anything stationary and guess what?! PLANNERS! hahaha! NO just kidding! I made that channel for any random stuff that I could think about filming. I'm still starting so every video I make I look and sound awkward!! As awkward as I can be though, this week I made 4 videos! Go check it out but please dont hate and laugh at me :( hehehe....

Another thing is, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just want to scream when I saw that one of my video was mentioned at the Philofaxy weekly video finds in his website. I means it's really not big of a deal but for me it is!!!! It's like a dream come true hahaha! So thank you to the Philofaxy team for taking the time to find my video hehe eventhough it's not really a filofax related but you still add my video to your post.  Thank you once again! :)

So that is all for the highlights of this week and it's a wrap! New week coming up! :)

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