Monday, January 14, 2013

BDJ Box - December

Last Friday, I finally received my BDJ box for the month of December. BDJ had a bit of a problem with our boxes last month so it was delayed for a bit. Well, I am glad they did because I got a lovely freebie from them as a token of apology for our late box :D

So just like my November box, I also did a video showing the whole products just to cut this post short.

So this is the freebie from them :) Of course as a paper person I do appreciate this VERY MUCH! I think I am much more excited for this compared to the contents of the box itself lol :D

The second time around BDJ didn't fail me. I mean The lipstick alone is just enough to satisfy me. I mean I don't really like reds and I rarely wear that color but I tried it for 2 days and it's amazing :) Review to follow. Then there's the stickers which you all know I'm gonna stick to my planners and journals. And of course the Snoe chapstick! Oh I am obsessed! Again review to follow :)

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