Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Just like any other people, I am also inspired by Gretchen Robin's The Happiness Project. Before 2012 ended, I thought of incorporating my own happiness project each month with one topic to tackle. So, I am planning to implement one goal each month that I can continuously assimilate each day. 

For this month, I have been trying to blend in some creativity in my life. Now mind you, I am not really a creative person. I don't know how to draw, to paint, to knit, to craft, etc, etc, etc. But I am striving to put some color and creativity in my work just to ignite some excitement in my everyday life so I will not slack off or get idle which I tend to do most of the time.

This month I am really happy to share that:
  • I am able to keep track with my writing in my Planner/diary and add some flavor to it: 
         Every year I buy a planner and get all pumped up and cannot wait for a new year to come so I can write in it. And I do write on the pages of the first month which is January. But honestly, I can only do it for a couple of days or pages and then I drift away from it :( Then that's it. I won't open my planner for the next succeeding months until another year will arrive. What a waste right?! That is why I am really proud of myself that I am able to maintain the thrill of writing on the pages of my planner and able to make it more interesting by including all sorts of colorful and pretty things like washi tapes, stickers, and colored pens. I know it's quite lame but for me it's a fulfillment :) I guess joining Angela of Paperlovestory help me to be in action lol!
  • I am able to make my own Happiness Jar:
         I saw someone's picture on instagram showing her Happiness jar with notes inside containing the things that make her happy. So I got my own jar, put sticker in it and each morning when I wake up, I right one thing that makes me happy and put it on that jar. As simple as that. But the level of happiness it brings is amazing. It really helps with boosting your mood all day.
  • I am able to make few blogs again:
          Now I don't know if writing is creativity, but I want to add it in here because for this month I have made more than 10 posts! Which is very rare for me. Like I said, I am a lazy (ass) person. Just thinking about ideas and trying to make it into a blogpost and typing makes me to just don't want to move in my bed. I back off everytime! But making few posts this month on the start of 2013 is one thing...
  • I am able to update my radical self love bible:
         For this I have to make another post just to explain about what's this all about. But basically it's like a journal thingy. The thing about it is, I only throw POSITIVE things that I can think of and feel with. I make collages, use washi tapes too, use colorful pens as well just like what I use in my planner.

These are just some of my masterpieces that are still work in progress. I still have 11 more months to see if I can continue with having creativity in my life. Crossing my fingers :)

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