Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Week #1

So, since I really want to mess around with my planner this year, like literally us and abuse it, I decided to join Angela of paperlovestory, with her journey of weekly views.

Here is my week..

Sorry for the blurry shot. It was the only picture I have since last week. I have also posted this on instagram and tumblr so I'm kinda bit lazy to take another shot lol. I was using my phone since I do not have a good camera to use for now >.< 

My week? It's a bit boring. I apologize again. Because New year has just arrived and there are no other special events follow through. And I am currently not working, so my first few months will be a bit blah for a while. Sorry :( I shouldn't have joined right? but I can't help it lol! And this will actually help me to commit to not just update my planner but to organize things in my life too. 

Anyway, I was also at my boyfriends house during the weekends (went there Friday afternoon) so I really didn't have time to update it. 

So much for my week :D

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