Friday, January 18, 2013

What I got in the mail today!

I am so pumped up today! I was starting to feel that my day would just be as unproductive as my other days this past few weeks, but I received somethings that made me really hyper! Funny how little things help you shift your mood.

  •  I was reading a book this morning when our maid handed me over a huge envelope.At first I thought it was my order from Heykessy, but the envelope was flat and thin and very formal, so right away I knew that it was my certificate for ASCP!

Just seeing their logo made my heart jump!
I literally want to scream when I saw my name! 
I have yet to read this :)
A very very late Christmas gift again :)
I was expecting to receive this next month but yey I'm glad I get accepted it early. Woohoo!!

  • Then another mail came in this afternoon. This time it was finally my orders from Heykessy! yippie!!!

I've been waiting for this for days!!
I super like their minimalistic packaging. It's simple yet I can't help but smile too when I look at it haha!
I just love how my name peeks out with that simple smile in the package  :)
So this are my orders. The one with the neon green dots was free!
Another freebie! a cute post card! 

This was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday but was delayed because they have forgotten to mark my order as paid. But it's ok. They were honest to admit their faults so I'm fine with that. As long as my orders will get here. And they included another roll for free just to make it up for the delay. So! All's well that ends well :)

  • Oh and another thing that made my day was making my first attempt of making my own version of nail art using that white enamel from my BDJ box. 

I tried lol!
My heart is still jumping with gladness right now haha! So, How was your Friday? :)

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