Monday, January 28, 2013

My Week #4

This week was my and my boyfriend's 34th monthsarry. And this is the only intriguing thing that happened to my week. The 27th was our day, but we planned to celebrate it on the 26th which was Saturday because he has to go back to his hometown on Sunday, while I on the other hand will go to church of course. I was actually excited for the 26th to come, because we had plans to got to Resort's World Manila and watch Hansel and Grethel and continue on with our date there lol. But 3 days before our planned day, we got into a fight! and we didn't talk for 2 days :( I even thought we were not be able to push thru with what we planned but thankfully he didn't backed out from that and surprised me on Saturday :)

Anyway, here's my week:

Nothing really much to say about my weekdays. It's the same routine with some few matters to attend to...

As you can see with the inside of the bubble chat, I also use my planner as my little diary as well.
Here is the summary of what we did the whole Saturday :)

How's everyone's week? :)

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