Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

A new year has come. And I am so excited! How was your New Year's celebration? Ours is just simple yet fun! We don't really have much in our table. Just a few dishes. Enough for us to enjoy. We also did not switch any firecrackers. We just let our eyes shared from other peoples display. It was amazing though. And we were so enjoying every single thing of it!

crazy family protrait lol!
media noche!
I just love this picture of my with my mom
my nephew.. is he not the cutest?! :D
outside our house..after we welcomed 2013

I can say that we welcomed the new year with so much happiness in our hearts. Eventhough we are not complete because my dad and sister cannot attend our celebration because they are far away, in our hearts we are celebrating and partying with them.

Oh by the way, we had an activity on new years eve, I let my whole household to write on a piece of paper something that they are grateful about in the entire 2012. It's something new to us, and I am so glad that they all participated, specially my mom :) So this is something that I think I will do now every new year :)

I got this idea at someone in youtube lol. 


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